Making A "Perfect" Drawer In Less Than Five Minutes

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Routers

Special thanks to Jerry Work of the Dovetail Joint, for taking the time to put together a very extensive overview of the Festool VS 600 Jointing System. Read below to learn more about this time-saving system that will help your jointing projects become Faster, Easier, Smarter.


Festool USA Celebrates Headquarters Grand Opening

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | General Information

On Saturday, April 12th, 2008, Festool USA employees, several Festool dealers, members of the media, local officials, and other guests attended the official grand opening of the new headquarters building in Lebanon, Indiana. The new facility was completed in late summer of 2007 and has become the central location for warehousing and distribution.

Among the attendees, we were honored with a visit from Ms. Maier-Stoll, owner of Tooltechnic Systems (Festool),and her daughter, Ms. Barbara Austel. Rather than a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, we chose to do it the Festool way. Ms. Austel cut the red "ribbon" made of wood with a Festool Kapex sliding compound miter saw, the much anticipated newest addition to Festool's portable power tool offerings which will be available in July 2008. Of course, with no dust to clean up the festivities were immediately back underway.

Also among the guests were several of the most prominent members of Festool Germany including Mr. Horst Geiger (Speaker of the Management Board), Mr. Richard Bantel (the architect of the Festool headquarters building), Mr. Michael Bayer (VP of Marketing) and Dr. Christoph Weiss (Member of the Advisory Board).

Guests had an opportunity to tour the new building, view a presentation showing the process of Festool product development, view photographs showing the evolution of Festool USA over the years and view Festool's newest products: the MFT/3, MFK 700 and OF 2200, all available May 2008.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Festool community for the support of the Festool brand.

Festool USA Headquarters


The Festool VS 600 Jointing System

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Routers

Festool VS 600 Video

The Festool VS 600 Jointing System

Dovetail joints are the hallmark of fine woodworking, but every woodworker knows just how time-consuming it is to get dovetails right. It involves careful calculations and a lot of manual chiseling. Even “simple” butted joints with dowels can present challenges. If the edges of the finished piece are going to come out flush, then the dowel on both workpieces must be painstakingly accurate.


The Starting Line Up: A Router For Every Need.

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Routers

Manufactured to exacting tolerances and with the highest quality materials, Festool routers are designed to be both accurate and long-lasting.

Whether you are trim routing laminate or making heavy cuts in hard maple or solid surface material, we offer a router to meet almost any need. These routers offer unprecedented levels of usability with their built-in dust extraction, guide rail compatibility, and clever accessories.


Available Soon - The MFK 700 Trim Router

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | New Products | Routers

MFK 700 EQ

Debuting May 1st, 2008. Meet The MFK 700 EQ Trim Router.

Due to its modular design and tool-less base changes, the MFK 700 can easily transform from a vertical to a horizontal position with a few simple steps. Trim laminate and edge banding or rout grooves easily with the lightweight and maneuverable MFK 700.