Creating Large Mortises with the Festool OF 1400 Router

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Eiji Fuller

"I was recently commissioned to build some entry doors in the same style of a set I had previously built for a different client. The original doors' joinery was traditional mortise and tenon. The mortises were cut using a large plunge router,  edge guide, and a jig that trapped the edge guide's fence. The tenons were cut on the router table. While the outcome was acceptable I wanted a simpler set up this time around. I also had more than double the number of doors to build and in a small shop simplifying things is about all you can do to stay efficient.

Striving for Perfection.

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Festool Facts. Striving For Perfection.

In the last edition of SysNotes, I talked about the level of integrity used in the production of our products. Think about this... If I told you that I would become your cell phone provider and guaranteed that your phone would work 99% of the time would that be acceptable? That means that 14 minutes of every day your phone would not work. Not so great after all, huh?

I don't know about you but it's almost uncomprehensible to think about something in terms of millions. When is the last time you counted a million of something?

We measure our tolerances in terms of parts per million. Ok, what's the big deal? The big deal is that our parts suppliers need to meet very strict tolerances and most of them have fewer than 60 parts per million (or 99.994%) that do not meet those tolerances. Let me give an example of a strict tolerance to put things into perspective. There's a part in our Rotex sanders that has a specification of an 8mm diameter with a tolerance of 8 microns. A micron is 1/75th the width of a human hair.

In simple terms, that means we strive for perfection because we want to provide you with the best tools in the world.

Straight Talkā€¦ About Straight Cuts.

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TS Plunge Saws

There are a lot of people who still believe you can only get straight, splinter-free cuts in a shop using expensive panel saws, table saws, and CNC equipment.  Getting quality cuts with portable power tools doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  The truth is…that with the right tools, anyone can get great results in the shop or on the jobsite.   Straight, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you know the secret.

We patented our innovative guide rail system in 1964, and have continuously set new and higher standards for precision cutting with plunge cut saws.  Learn why professionals continue to turn to Festool when they need perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the blade in our new Festool TS Plunge Cut Saw brochure.

Festool's MFT Grows UpDownload a PDF version of the "Festool TS Plunge Cut Saw Brochure." (1MB).

Festool's MFT Grows Up.

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Recently, Per Swenson, a Festool power user, provided us with an article about the next generation of Festool multifunction tables, the MFT/3. The MFT/3 is probably one of the most underrated workshop and jobsite solutions. Per discusses the improvements for the new multifunction table and gives candid examples of how it lets him work faster, easier, smarter and how it integrates seamlessly with other components of the Festool system.