Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-mode Sander Review

Saturday, February 19, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Reviews | Sanders

Transform the way you tackle your next project!

Recently, we connected with Cliff, the self-proclaimed "Wood Nerd", and provided him with the soon-to-be-released RO 90 DX sander to run through its paces. Cliff was nice enough to produce a very detailed assessment of the RO 90 and give his candid thoughts about how it performed in his shop. His review includes several videos that demonstrate various features and techniques. If you like to soak up every detail about a product when considering a purchase, you'll really appreciate Cliff's thorough commentary, dozens of detailed photos and videos.

If, after reading over Cliff's review, you still want to learn more about the RO 90 DX then head over to our Rotex micro website. There you'll find in-depth information about the features and benefits offered by Festool's family of Rotex sanders.


The New Kapex UG Mobile Miter Station

Kapex UG Mobile Miter Station

A brilliant mobile miter cutting station solution.

If you own a Kapex miter saw, you already enjoy the great cutting depth, precision cuts, and lightweight design. The only thing missing is an uber-convenient way to wheel it to and from the jobsite and a set of supports for long material. Well, that used to be the only thing missing. Introducing the new Kapex UG mobile cutting station (497 354).

Equipped with large wheels, the UG easily navigates the work area, and breaks down quickly and easily for transport. Two expandable extensions allow for large material support and provide plenty of surface area with integrated flip stops and metric measuring scale. Fully extended, the supports offer nearly 16-feet of material capacity. When you're ready to move to a new location, remove the extensions with a couple of thumb screws, hit the quick release mechanism to fold the Kapex into its transport position, and attach the extensions to the cart. Now you're ready to roll in just a few minutes!


Granat: Festool's New Wonder Abrasive

Friday, February 18, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Sanders | Paint

Granat Abrasives

You may have noticed this peculiar light blue colored abrasive in some of our recent photos. First, even though the name is "Granat", it is not made for Granite or stone material. It's actually made for use with wood.

"So what's so special about Granat", you might ask. Well, Granat is a hybrid abrasive comprised of hardened aluminum oxide with a ceramic grit. This hybrid approach causes Granat to retain it's cutting edge much longer than any other abrasive. Even though Granat uses a stearated coating, it does not contain wax. Since it lacks any type of wax additive, there are not issues with water-based finishes that you may have had with other Zinc stearate abrasives.


Dozens of New Festool Product Reviews

Friday, February 18, 2011 | Reader Comments | Festool Owners Group | Reviews | Paint

FOG Product Reviews

One of the benefits to participating in the Festool Owners Group online forum is that we occasionally do contests for its members. The contests are designed to encourage members to share information, ideas, and advice with other members of the online community. Recently, we announced a contest for members to write or video product reviews. This is the second time we've done such a contest and the entries have provided a wealth of information. We have randomly selected two winners who each received their choice of a RO 90 DX sander or WCR 1000 Workcenter. The contest has produced 58 new written and video product reviews.


Why Technique Matters

Friday, February 18, 2011 | Reader Comments | How-To | Sanders | Paint

Sanding Technique

In the review of the RO 90 DX multi-mode sander written by Cliff the "Wood Nerd", he mentions that initially he struggled with the balance of the machine. The weight of the motor in the rear of the sander combined with the weight of the dust extraction hose were making it challenging to keep the pad flat. This brings up a very important point about how proper technique can make a noticeable difference in the performance of a tool.