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Thursday, March 17, 2011 | Reader Comments | General Information | Paint

No hassle return guarantee

Festool's simple, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

We realize that you spend a lot of time evaluating products when making tool purchases. After all, your power tools represent an important investment. Festool tries to make it easier to make your decision by giving you thirty days to try any of our power tools completely risk free. If, after trying it out, you decide that it didn't meet your expectations for any reason, just return it for a full refund less any applicable shipping charges.

The return process is completely hassle-free, no questions asked. It's important to Festool that you're completely satisfied as a customer.


Reviews of the New RO 90 DX Sander

Thursday, March 17, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Reviews | Sanders | Paint

Paul Marcel RO 90 Review

Paul-Marcel, a member of the Festool Owners Group Forum, has demonstrated a real knack for video reviews of tools which are not only informative but also entertaining, if not comical at moments. This month, Paul-Marcel was kind enough to share his experiences with the new Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-mode Sander after putting it to good use for a couple of weeks.

A video overview of the RO 90 DX sander and its features
A video comparison of the RO 90 DX and DTS 400 sanders on a teak door
A video demonstrating the RO 90 DX stripping an oak cabinet


Festool's commitment to durability.

Thursday, March 17, 2011 | Reader Comments | Cordless Drills | Paint

Drill Torture Tests

It's practically impossible to kill a Festool cordless drill.

With all of the sophisticated technology packed into Festool power tools, let's not forget a key criteria for any power tool --- durability! Festool power tools are built to withstand your toughest demands. Don't get the impression that our tools are too delicate for the jobsite. We torture tests all of our power tools with some extreme conditions, many that you would never imagine doing to your own tool.

Sure, many power tool manufacturer's may do a standard drop test where the drill is dropped from a distance onto a hard surface. We do that too. But, we also pour metal filings into the drill and run it, dowse it in a muddy water while it's running, and run it in a dust chamber while harsh, abrasive dust is blasted into the tool just to name a few of our other tests.


Festool Contractor's First Aid Systainer

Thursday, March 17, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Promotions | Systainer

First Aid Systainer

No shop or jobsite should be without a proper first aid kit. The hope is that you will never have a need for a first aid kit, but you should certainly be prepared just in case.

The Festool Contractor's First Aid Kit is in provided in a SYS 1 Systainer with clearly marked red first aid latches. The kit's contents have been certified to be ANSI/OSHA compliant. Contains all of the common first aid supplies required for emergency first aid care. The contents can be replenished by ordering online or by phone, reorder details included with kit.


The New CXS Compact Cordless Drill

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | Reader Comments | Cordless Drills | New Products | Paint

Festool CXS Compact Cordless Drill

Your cordless drill just can't do what our cordless drills can!

You probably spend more time using your cordless drill than any other power tool in your toolbox. For that reason alone, it's important that it be the reliable, versatile, lightweight, and offer exceptional battery life. Here at Festool, we care about the details that other manufacturers seem to overlook. So, we're confident that you'll find that our cordless drills are remarkably better than any other cordless drill you've ever used. Back that up by Festool's commitment to manufacturing products of the highest level of quality backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty, and there's little reason not to consider adding a Festool cordless drill to your tool arsenal.

Watch the videos showing the CXS compact cordless drill in action.


Greg Paolini Reviews the New RO 90 DX Sander

Monday, March 14, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Reviews | Sanders

In this article, Gregory Paolini shares his experiences using the Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-mode Sander. Gregory Paolini is a nationally recognized woodworker, author, and woodworking instructor.  You can learn more about him by visiting his website at www.GregoryPaolini.com.