Festool will begin offering imperial scale tools


Since its introduction to the North American market, Festool has exclusively offered tools in metric. Beginning on July 5, 2016, select Festool tools and accessories will feature imperial scales for setting the depth of cut.

This change affects cutting tools with the exception of the Domino Joiners and Jigsaws. This does not reflect a change to the specifications of the tools. They will continue to use the same blades, bits, and cutters as always.

Item # New Item # Description
574553 574690 Planer HL 850 E Imp.
574339 574691 Router OF 1010 EQ Imp.
574342 574692 Router OF 1400 EQ Imp.
574354 574689 Router OF 2200 Imp.
561556 574683 Circular Saw TS 55 REQ Imp.
561438 574684 Circular Saw TS 75 EQ Imp.
561730 574685 Circular Saw TSC 55 REB Li
561718 574686 Circular Saw TSC 55REB Li XL
495717 201182 Parallel Side Fence
495718 201183 Parallel Guide Extension

Is this a wholesale or rolling change?

The transition will begin in July of this year for all of the affected items listed above. Some Metric items may continue to be available beyond this time, but overall the conversion to Imperial should be complete.

Will Festool continue to offer the tools either as Metric or Imperial?

The tools will only be imperial versions going forward once the current inventory of metric tools is depleted. However, the accessories (Parallel Side Fence and Parallel Guide Extension) will be available in both imperial and metric.

What if I prefer metric?

Although the tools will only be sold in imperial, we will have options that will enable metric users to fit their tools with metric scales.

Will there be any price difference for the new Imperial-scale tools?

There is no change to prices on the affected tools.

Will the Domino Joiners (DF 500 and DF 700) be changing as well?

No. The Domino Joiners and Tenons will remain labeled in Metric. The Cutters, Tenons, and Cross Stops will all remain in Metric.

Why is Festool making this radical change?

Over the years, many Festool users have commented on the desire to have Imperial scales. We recognize that the majority of customers use and continue to use the Imperial system for measurement for design and build operations. In order to provide more craftsmen with tools that fit easily into their existing processes, we felt that this chance was necessary.

Are accessories and consumables also changing?

For now, the Parallel Guide and Parallel Guide Extension for the Guide Rails will have an Imperial scale. Other accessories such as the UG stand for the Kapex and the Circle Cutter for the Carvex will change in the future as they become available. These will be announced via FIS.

Will replacement tapes be made available for customers to update their machines?

It depends on the machine and the customer’s desire. In the case of the TS saws (TSC, TS 55, TS 75) and HL 850, these require extensive teardown to replace the scales. The routers are end-user serviceable with the OF 1010 having a scale that is affixed via a screw and the OF 1400 and OF 2200 using an applied scale. The Parallel Guide system does not have a replaceable scale. Any customers wishing to alter their existing tools may contact our service department for assistance.