Carpentry Saw, Cordless Screw Gun & SysLite DUO Coming This Fall


Festool will release a series of new tools in North America this fall — including the HK 55 and HKC 55 carpentry saw.


HK 55 & HKC 55


The HK, which is essentially a circular saw with an attachable retracting guide rail, is Festool’s most anticipated tool of the year. It brings miter saw precision and functionality to hand while providing the all the perks of portability. It is sure to be a must-have for framing, flooring, roofing, decking and more.

The HK will be available as a corded AC version (HK 55) and cordless 18-volt version (HKC 55) with or without FSK (Guide Rails with angle stops).

[Note: All pricing is for the United States and is listed in USD.]

Item # Description Catalog Price
561756 Circular Saw HK 55 EQ $440.00
575085 Circular Saw HK 55 EBQ with FSK420 $560.00
564637 Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Basic $375.00
561692 Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Plus* $570.00
564626 Circular Saw HKC 55 + FSK420** $690.00

*Includes (2) 18 volt, 5.2 Ah batteries, and (1) TCL 3 Charger

*Includes (2) 18 volt, 5.2 Ah batteries, (1) TCL 3 Charger and FSK-420 Guide Rail
HK 55 & HKC 55 Accessories

Item # Description Catalog Price
769941 Guide Rail FSK 250 $150.00
769942 Guide Rail FSK 420 $175.00
769943 Guide Rail FSK 670 $200.00
500464 Parallel Guide HK $56.00
500463 Saw Blade Rip 12t $45.00
500461 Saw Blade Standard 18t $50.00
500462 Saw Blade Fine Tooth 32t $60.00
200160 Guide Rail Tote Bag FSK420 $65.00
200161 Guide Rail Tote Bag FSK670 $80.00


zoom_bs_dwc184500li42set_768941_a_01a_Derivat_JPG_300DPIDWC 18 Drywall Gun

Festool will be releasing the DWC 18-4500 Cordless Drywall Gun on September 12. Hanging loads of drywall requires a production method that provides fast and simple fastening. Screws are the preferred method of attaching sheets to wood and metal frames. Festool is glad to now offer a Drywall Gun that works with strip-fed screws via a magazine with adjustable depth control. Works with common collated screws as well as our own coarse and fine thread screws.

Available as Basic (no batteries or charger) or Plus (with batteries and charger) versions. Each version comes with the detachable magazine.

Item # Description Catalog Price
201672 Cordl.DWgun DWC 18-4500 Basic $300.00
201671 Cordl.DWgun DWC 18-4500 Plus $495.00

DWC 18 Drywall Gun Accessories & Consumables

Item # Description Catalog Price
769124 Bit PH2-AF-55 3x DWC 18 $15.00
769125 Bit Holder, BH-DWC $10.00
769142 DWS Screw C FT 3.9×25 1000x $30.00
769143 DWS Screw C FT 3.9×35 1000x $30.00
769144 DWS Screw C CT 3.9×35 1000x $30.00
769145 DWS Screw C CT 3.9×45 1000x $30.00


zoom_ae_sysduo_769962_a_02aSysLite DUO

Last but absolutely not least, the SysLite DUO will be available on September 12 as well.

Jobsite lighting is more than just putting light in a room. It is about truly seeing the surface you are working on in the correct color without hot spots in the center. The SYSLITE DUO is a hard-wired AC lighting solution with 8000 Lumens projecting an evenly diffused light over 180° with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin. Designed for the jobite, the SYSLITE DUO is impact and water resistant meeting IP 55 standards for dust and water intrusion. Optional tripod, ST DUO 200, provides a firm and stable base that is designed to withstand years of service in the field. Couple that with the LED service life of 10,000 hours, the SYSLITE DUO will provide unmatched lighting for many years to come.

Item # Description Catalog Price
769967 SYSLITE DUO $300.00
200038 Tripod ST DUO 200 $199.00
574657 SYSLITE DUO-Set* $435.00

*Set version includes SYSLITE DUO plus Tripod ST DUO 200