Tested Under The Toughest Conditions.

Friday, January 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Festool Facts

Arizona Sand Test

Festool performs a test where Arizona dust is blown on a tool in a dust chamber while the tool is running. The time taken for the tool to fail under these conditions is measured. This is how it is determined if the switch, electronic parts and gears withstand the toughest conditions in a dusty environment and meet the minimum durability requirements of the tool.

Arizona dust is supposedly the most aggressive dust in the world.

Festool Facts: A History Of Sanding Innovations.

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MMC Electronics

In 1951, Festool introduced the world’s first handheld orbital sander which shaved hours off of an otherwise tedious job.

In 1976, Festool develops the first random orbital sander to market maturity.

In 1984, the dual-mode Rotex RO 150 E for outstanding surface results with a single tool, from rough sanding to fine finishing - the first sander of its type.

Festool Facts - Which Power Tool Manufacturer Can Repair A Tool From 1951?

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Festool Facts

There are many reasons why more and more customers would rather invest in a high quality tool than "throw away" models. One of those reasons is directly related to the availability of consumables and spare parts.

Here is a question we often get from customers; "If a tool that I bought a while ago gets discontinued, do I have to worry that I won't be able to buy consumables and spare parts for that tool anymore?" The answer is "no". Festool guarantees the availability of consumables and spare parts for at least 7 years after a tool is discontinued. We say "at least" because for almost every tool we have discontinued in the last 20 years, there are still spare parts and consumables available. Festool tools last very long under normal conditions. Believe it or not, we sometimes get tools back for repair that were sold in the 1950s and have been in use since then! In most cases we still manage to find the right parts for these tools.

So the next time you make a tool purchase, choose to invest in a Festool product that is designed for durability and for which consumables and spare parts will be available for decades to come.

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