CMS Router Table Review by The Wood Whisperer

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | Reader Comments | New Products | Reviews | Routers | Router Tables

CMS Router Table


Coming October 1st - See it in action!

Last month, we announced the upcoming introduction of the new Festool CMS Router Tableand it looks like many of you like what you've seen so far. This month, we'll share some videos and other content with you so you can see the CMS in action and to help get you up and running once you get it in your shop.

The Wood Whisperer CMS test drive.

Our good friend, Marc Spagnuolo a.k.a. The Wood Whisperer, takes a look at the new CMS Router Table in this video. Marc talks about what he views as some of the benefits and does some routing to let you see the CMS in operation. Check out the video on Marc's CMS blog post and be sure to post your comments and questions at the bottom of the page. And, we're digging the cool Christmas Story leg lamp, Marc.


Marc Spagnuolo: Sanding Efficiency Video

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | Reader Comments | Sanders | Paint

The Wood Whisperer: Sanding Efficiency

Marc discusses the terminology, tools and techniques of sanding.

Marc Spagnuolo, the Wood Whisperer, has covered the topic of sanding in many of his videos, touting the advantages of Festool sanders and dust extractors in producing a remarkable surface quickly and easily. In this video, Marc covers some important topics about sanding, particularly as it relates to the selection of the correct abrasive.


The Wood Whisperer's Trestle Table

The Wood Whisperer - Trestle Table

Creating an elegant table using Festool power tools.

Our good friend Marc Spagnuolo, well known for his video woodworking webcasts on, was nice enough to share his latest creation with our readers, an elegant trestle table. His three part video series on the trestle table offers very thorough step-by-step explanation and documentation of the complete fabrication and finishing process. This means that even if you're not interested in building a trestle table, you get the benefit of seeing processes that you may use in another project.


Meet the Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo

Sunday, November 4, 2007 | Reader Comments | How-To

View Marc's video about how Festool help his "one man shop" work Faster, Easier, Smarter.

Marc Spagnuolo - Play VideoMy name is Marc Spagnuolo, and I am The Wood Whisperer. That still sounds funny to me when I say it! Truthfully, started as a little side project and a means of educating my fellow woodworkers in my spare time. Running a one-man custom furniture shop doesn't usually allow for much fun time. But it didn't take long before my wife and I realized we created a monster. Apparently our timing was very good. There isn't much in the way of quality woodworking programming on the television these days, and our site offers a unique, one-of-a-kind look into the workings of a real shop. Bringing some comedy and my wife into the show have been the icing on the cake. In fact, my wife probably has more fans than I do! But this unexpected mix of fun, family, and quality fine woodworking tips seems to appeal to a wide range of viewers. The site and the show are really just extensions of my life. And with a live webcam in my shop at all times, my life is becoming a completely open book. Or would that be an open tool box?