The ultimate test of squareness

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 | Reader Comments | How-To

by John Lucas, Professor of Perpendicularity

Having an engineer's square to check your saw squareness is fine but not the ultimate test. I mentioned in my last column, that the real test is in the woodwork — does that fourth corner come together without excessive clamping?

For me, making a small cube with mitered sides and corners is a true test of both the saw setup and my procedures.

I have just posted two pages on my website ( showing Elena and me testing our methods by building a cube. If you think making a frame with 4 mitered corners is hard, try this test of cutting all 6 sides and having them fit together without clamps and without gaps in the corners. When you can do that, your system is right on and you can feel better about building cabinets and boxes of any sort.