Gary Katz Reviews the Festool Stabila Level

Friday, December 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Reviews

Gary Katz Level Review

Gary Katz takes an in-depth look at the new 48" Installer’s Level, designed and produced exclusively for Festool in Germany by Stabila, the world’s most respected levels and measuring tools manufacturer.  Gary puts the level through its paces and explains why this is the perfect solution for a wide range of installation, trim carpentry, and remodeling tasks.


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Fine Woodworking Names ETS 150/3 Top Sander Pick.

Saturday, July 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Reviews | Sanders

ETS 150 Wins Best Value Award


Recently, the editors of Fine Woodworking (FWW) posted an online review comparing 6-inch Random Orbit Sanders and selected the Festool ETS 150/3 as the Author's Choice for Best Overall sander.


Making Quick Work of Slabs With Rotex & Cristal

Saturday, July 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | How-To | Reviews | Sanders

Kinloch Woodworking

Doug Mooberry builds incredible American furniture inspired by antiques, but adds his unique Kinloch Woodworking creative touches to every piece. Founded in 1982, Kinloch Woodworking has assembled a massive portfolio full of examples of awe-inspiring woodworking prowess. As stated on their website, "Details Do Matter" and attention to those details is important and what makes the furniture they produced collectable.


MacGregor Building & Remodeling

Saturday, July 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | How-To | Reviews | Saws

TS Success Stories

In June, we asked SysNotes subscribers to provide us with testimonials about their experiences with the Festool TS plunge cut saw and guide rail system. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and submitted a TS Success Story. It's always a pleasure for us to hear about how Festool is making a positive influence on your quality of workmanship, ease of use and profitability.


The Wood Gal

Monday, June 15, 2009 | Reader Comments | Reviews

The Wood Gal


In the spirit of Father's Day, we would like to introduce you to Ruth Walker, who learned her craft from her father and ultimately discovered a better way of doing her work thanks to Festool power tools. Here's her story...


Ripping Precision: Review of Festool Parallel Guides

Thursday, June 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | Reviews | Saws

Parallel Guides


In the edition of SysNotes earlier this month, we featured an article on Brice Burrell's review of the new Festool Parallel Guides. We mistakenly did not include a direct link to the review. If you had difficulty locating the review, you can view it online at the following location.

Webpage Brice Burrell's Review of the Festool Parallel Guides


Women In Woodworking

Thursday, June 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | How-To | Reviews

Not Just For Men


We recently met with Rue Ann Flanders, President of the Women's Woodworking Guild of Indiana (WWGI), to talk about the emerging role of women in woodworking. WWGI consists of a group of women in the central Indiana area who share an interest in working with wood in various capacities. They share skills within their group and seek to learn new skills from sources outside of the group. The guild has been involved in many community programs including Habitat for Humanity, art displays at the Indiana Art Center, participation in the Indiana Woodworking Show and more. WWGI can certainly serve as a model in other communities where women seek to find peers with whom to share their passion for woodworking.


And The Winner Is...

Monday, May 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | Reviews | Saws

And the winner is...


If you've been on the fence about which plunge saw and guide rail system is the best, wait no longer. Recently, Woodworker's Journal, the Journal of Light Construction, and Fine Woodworking have written articles featuring a head-to-head comparison of the options available. In all instances, the editors chose the Festool TS plunge cut saw and guide rail system to offer the best performance and value.

Chris Marshall, Field Editor for Woodworker's Journal, said, "Without question, it's Festool", when choosing the 'Best Bet' winner in the genre of power tools. David Frane, JLC Senior Editor, stated, "...if I were to run out and buy one today, it would be the Festool TS 55 EQ", when choosing the best of class. In the editor's review of a competitor's offering, Mark Edmundson of Fine Woodworking wrote if he were to pick between the available plunge cut saws on the market, "...I'd choose the Festool."