Granat: Festool's New Wonder Abrasive

Friday, February 18, 2011 | Reader Comments | New Products | Sanders | Paint

Granat Abrasives

You may have noticed this peculiar light blue colored abrasive in some of our recent photos. First, even though the name is "Granat", it is not made for Granite or stone material. It's actually made for use with wood.

"So what's so special about Granat", you might ask. Well, Granat is a hybrid abrasive comprised of hardened aluminum oxide with a ceramic grit. This hybrid approach causes Granat to retain it's cutting edge much longer than any other abrasive. Even though Granat uses a stearated coating, it does not contain wax. Since it lacks any type of wax additive, there are not issues with water-based finishes that you may have had with other Zinc stearate abrasives.