Creating Rustic, Hand-Hewn Effects

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 | Reader Comments | Planers

Restoring Dororthy

A popular design trend right now is old, rustic style effects with wood. The HL 850 Planer is the perfect tool to produce these effects quickly and easily. Not only that, but your clients will pay a premium to get this look. Check out this video where Jory Brigham demonstrates two of the three rustic planer heads available for the HL 850.

Choose from three planer heads: the undulating head for hand hewn effects, the coarse rustic head for a heavily destressed look, or the fine rustic head for a lightly distressed appearance.

For final touches, use a Festool sander with an interface pad to smooth out the effect to give a more finished appearance.


EHL 65 E One-Handed Planer

Friday, September 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | New Products | Planers

EHL 65 Launch


Festool has launched the EHL 65 E one-handed planer on September 1st, 2009. If you're in the market for a planer, be sure to check out the new EHL 65! Contact your local Festool dealer or preferred online Festool dealer for availability.


Planely Brilliant: The EHL 65

Saturday, April 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | New Products | Planers

EHL 65 E Launch

Orginially announced to be available on April 1st, the launch of the new EHL 65 Planer has been delayed. We will communicate the new launch date in a future SysNotes or you can check with your local Festool dealer for launch updates.  Through the end of July, the EHL 65 One-handed planer will come with a free Rabbet depth stop and a free Replacement cutter blade at participating dealers, while supplies last.

Learn more about the EHL 65 E Planer...

EHL 65 E One-Handed Planer

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | New Products | Planers

EHL 65 E Planer

Festool will be introducing its first new power tool for 2009 on April 1st, the EHL 65 E one-handed planer. Visit our new micro website to learn all the details, view video and photos, and check out the specs for this great addition to the Festool product line.