It works better than a belt sander!

Friday, November 5, 2010 | Reader Comments | Reviews | Sanders

Don't take our word for it.

How do you move seamlessly between rough sanding and final sanding without switching sanders? It is easy when you own a Rotex dual-mode sander. The design of this multipurpose sander is nothing short of an engineering marvel. Use the aggressive action to quickly and efficiently remove wood, paint, or varnish. Switch to the fine setting for final finishing. Combine with a wide assortment of accessories for polishing tasks. There's virtually nothing these sanders can't handle with ease!


Festool product reviews galore!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 | Reader Comments | Festool Owners Group | Reviews

So, you've been thinking about checking out a Festool to add to your Systainer stack but you're not quite sure about it yet. Count on the Festool Owners Group members to help you decide!

Not so long ago, we put together a contest whereby forum members submitted written or video product reviews for a chance to win a Rotex 150 Dual-Mode Sander. The contest produced dozens of great product reviews from customers who use the tools on a regular basis. The reviews are completely unbiased and offer first-hand experiences and opinions.


Sanding doesn't have to be a dreadful task.

Monday, August 2, 2010 | Reader Comments | Dust Extractors | Sanders | Reviews

A video from Marc Spagnuolo, the Wood Whisperer.

In this video, Marc demonstrates the Festool sanding and dust extraction system which turns the tables on what is widely regarded as the most tedious task by most of you: sanding.

Sanding is a necessary evil, but still a critical factor in achieving that beautiful finish. The fine dust produced by sanding is messy, which can become a workplace hazard. Sanding dust can contribute to premature failure of your sander due to dust buildup on the motor. The dust produced by sanding actually creates heat which causes your sandpaper to wear out more quickly. Not having to clean up after sanding means you can go straight to applying your finish.


Charles Brock: Making chairs with the RAS 115 Sander.

Sunday, August 1, 2010 | Reader Comments | Sanders | Reviews

RAS 115: A dream wood sculpting machine, by Charles Brock

Several years ago at the Festool IWF booth, I told one of the reps what type of work I do and he said you've got to try the "Termite Tool!" Full of woodworker's cynicism , I thought, Yeah! Just another grinder. I didn't try it, so I continued to shape my rocking chair seats using a grinder with a carbide wheel attachment while turning my shop's air into a dusty haze. My only alternative was to go outside on a windy day and let my neighbor deal with the dust. As usual, necessity is the mother of ..... well? How about "Change!"

I was planning my first Seven Day Build Your Maloof Inspired Rocker Class and was worried about the air quality and the mess when the five students started sculpting their seats in the classroom. I was afraid the air would look like a 1970s rock concert. Festool to the rescue! Thanks to the help from the staff at Highland Woodworking and the Festool Representative, Dan Durant, they put together a group of three Festool RAS 115 sanders and their CT 22 Dust Extractors. How did that "change" work for me?


More reasons to own a Festool TS plunge saw.

Monday, May 3, 2010 | Reader Comments | Saws | Reviews

The Festool TS plunge saw will change the way you work forever, period. Don't take our word for it, listen to the words of those who once were skeptics in this short, 2-minute YouTube video.


The TS Plunge Saw conquers even the most challenging installs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010 | Reader Comments | Saws | Reviews

Having the right tool can allow you to avoid the pitfalls of wasted time, damaged materials and an unhappy client. Recently, Matthew Fritz shared a story about using the Festool TS 55 plunge saw to precisely and accurately cut panels for the balcony pictured above. Judging by Matthew's online portfolio of work, he has made good use of the TS and has many satisfied clients.

Below is Matthew's account of this challenging balcony installation. If you have a story you'd like to share, email us at and be sure to include photos of your work.


Learn why the professionals use the Festool TS.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 | Reader Comments | Saws | Reviews

Watch the video to learn more.

Not sure if the Festool TS plunge saw is right for you? Take 10 minutes out of your day to watch this video! Learn about the features, benefits, and applications of the TS plunge saw and guide rail system. Listen to testimonials from professionals who use our saw to achieve results that are simply not possible without the Festool TS.

Buy with confidence.

As with all Festool power tools, you can purchase with the confidence of knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with your Festool purchase, you can return it to your place of purchase for a full, no-questions-asked refund within 30 days. Also, Festool power tools are covered by a comprehensive three year limited warranty. We even pay all shipping charges during the first year of warranty for repair service.

Your only regret may be that you didn't buy one sooner.

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Robert Slack discovers the Plexiglas template routing aid

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 | Reader Comments | Routers | Reviews | How-To

Routing mortises for locks the easy way.

View a video of the Festool Plexiglas template routing aid on YouTube.

Gaucho WoodworkingWe received an email and some photographs of a project from carpenter Robert Slack of Gaucho Woodworking. He was in the process of installing mortise locks into doors and was struggling to find an easy way to accomplish the task. Fortunately, he got in touch with us as we had the perfect solution: the Plexiglas template routing aid (495 246). This accessory is perfectly suited for any application where you need to position the router (center or otherwise) on narrow stock. This is just one of a myriad of Festool router accessories designed specifically to make the most difficult tasks simple.