Save 10% Instantly on the Kapex Miter Saw

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 | Reader Comments | Promotions | Sliding Compound Miter Saws

10% Off on Kapex

Save 10% Instantly on the Festool Kapex Miter Saw and select related accessories during February!

We've been asked if we would ever consider a promotion with the Kapex miter saw. Well, now is your chance to score a great deal on the miter saw you've had on your wish list for a while! End the frustration of dealing with a miter saw that just doesn't make the cut and upgrade to the Kapex today! Be sure to scroll down for several videos of the Kapex and the Kapex UG Miter Saw Stand to see them in action.

During the month of February 2015, we will be offering 10% off instantly with the purchase of the Kapex miter saw and select related accessories. So, even if you already have a Kapex, you can still benefit from savings on items like blades and the Kapex UG Miter Saw Stand.

On the fence? Check out some of our videos featuring the Kapex or visit your local Festool dealer for a demonstration.

Buy with confidence, knowing that Festool's Service All-Inclusive protects your tool investment with a 3-year warranty with free shipping to our service centers and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Are you coming out with a new version of the Kapex? Sometimes customers ask if we are coming out with a new version of a tool when we have a promotion. The answer is no. There are no plans to introduce a new miter saw in the foreseeable future.

* This promotion is only applicable to purchases made in the United States and Canada. See your preferred Festool dealer for pricing and availability.


J. Weir Masterworks: Sustainable Woodwork

Weir Masterworks

We were recently contacted by Joshua Weir, proprietor of J. Weir Masterworks, about his discovery of Festool and how it makes his business, which specializes in the use of green, sustainable materials and methods more productive and profitable. To learn more about J. Weir Masterworks and to see more of their work, visit their Facebook fan page.


The New Kapex UG Mobile Miter Station

Kapex UG Mobile Miter Station

A brilliant mobile miter cutting station solution.

If you own a Kapex miter saw, you already enjoy the great cutting depth, precision cuts, and lightweight design. The only thing missing is an uber-convenient way to wheel it to and from the jobsite and a set of supports for long material. Well, that used to be the only thing missing. Introducing the new Kapex UG mobile cutting station (497 354).

Equipped with large wheels, the UG easily navigates the work area, and breaks down quickly and easily for transport. Two expandable extensions allow for large material support and provide plenty of surface area with integrated flip stops and metric measuring scale. Fully extended, the supports offer nearly 16-feet of material capacity. When you're ready to move to a new location, remove the extensions with a couple of thumb screws, hit the quick release mechanism to fold the Kapex into its transport position, and attach the extensions to the cart. Now you're ready to roll in just a few minutes!


The Wood Whisperer's Trestle Table

The Wood Whisperer - Trestle Table

Creating an elegant table using Festool power tools.

Our good friend Marc Spagnuolo, well known for his video woodworking webcasts on, was nice enough to share his latest creation with our readers, an elegant trestle table. His three part video series on the trestle table offers very thorough step-by-step explanation and documentation of the complete fabrication and finishing process. This means that even if you're not interested in building a trestle table, you get the benefit of seeing processes that you may use in another project.


This Old House Uses Kapex For Crown Installation

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | Reader Comments | How-To | Sliding Compound Miter Saws

This Old House

In this episode of This Old House, Tom Silva helps homeowners install foam crown moulding in their home. Tom uses the Kapex's MiterFast tool to quickly, easily and accurately transcribe the angles needed for cuts from the corners to the saw. The MiterFast is just one more way that Festool helps you work Faster, Easier, Smarter.

Perfectly square cuts on Ipe using the Kapex

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | Reader Comments | How-To | Sliding Compound Miter Saws

The Kapex is equipped with MMC electronics and features variable speed.  Have you ever wondered why and when you might use that? 

Well, recently we had a customer who was cutting Ipe and was having difficulty achieving a square cut and asked for some assistance. Ipe being a rather dense material and not the easiest thing to machine in the world. It's also called Brazilian Walnut and is commonly used in decking and on boats.  It can also be used in exterior-use furniture.  It is an extremely durable wood that is difficult to machine, but provides a long, virtually maintenance-free life.  If you ever travel to Atlantic City, their entire boardwalk is made of Ipe.


Kapex Extensions

Kapex Extensions

The perfect complement for the Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw and MFT/3-Kapex Multifunction Table, the Kapex Extension Set, will be available on April 1st, 2009. The Kapex Extension Set (P00107) offer material support with flip down stops for accurate, repeatable cuts. The extensions attach to the Kapex's crown stops (494369), sold separately.


Kapex: Built For The Toughest Demands!

Festool Facts. Striving For Perfection.


We do things to our tools that you would probably never dream of doing to them!

Festool Facts. Striving For Perfection.I'm always amazed to see the abuse that our tools are put through to ensure their durability. Here you see the Kapex sliding compound miter saw getting put through it's paces. The saw is running while it is blasted with Arizona sand, considered by most scientists to be the most abrasive sand on Earth. Coated in more than an inch of sand, the Kapex continues to operate.

So if you're worried that the Kapex can't take the abuse of the jobsite, think again. It's been there and done that already.

We understand that you can't afford to have a tool fail while on the jobsite.  Festool power tools are built using tight tolerances and the best materials available, so you can purchase with confidence.  Designed and tested to stand the rigors of the jobsite, Festool power tools are made for the toughest demands!