Multi-Jetstream: The next evolution in sanding technology

Friday, December 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | New Products | Sanders


Festool is in the process of transitioning to a new design for pads and abrasives on its 6" (150mm) sanders. This next step in the evolution of Festool's patented Jetstream technology, called Multi-Jetstream, continues to improve on the phenomenal dust extraction capabilities that you come to expect from Festool sanders. If you'd like to know more about the new Multi-Jetstream technology, you can view a video about it on YouTube.


Festool Multi-Jetstream Technology Video

The Hole Story.

Building on existing industry leading performance, this next generation design incorporates a modified hole pattern that increases airflow and results in even better dust extraction efficiency. In addition, the new pads incorporate an enhanced, heat-resistant StickFix design, extending both pad and abrasive life considerably.

Quick Facts.

  • Pricing for Multi-Jetstream pads and abrasives will be the same as existing products they replace.
  • Air movement is increased through and across the pad, increasing dust extraction and lowering pad temperature thus reducing wear.
  • Applies to 6” (150 mm) only – RO 150, ETS 150, LEX 150 sanders.
  • New paper works on old pads – backwards compatible.
  • Old paper works on new pads – forward compatible.
  • Updated packaging for Multi-Jetstream abrasives.

Multi-Jetstream AbrasivesMulti-Jetstream Pads.

Only the pads and abrasives are changing - not the sanders. Existing RO 150 and ETS 150 machines can be converted to Multi-Jetstream by simply switching pads.

  • More holes in the face, as well as channels in the pad, for increased air movement.
  • Even more heat resistant than current design for longer pad life.
  • Attach in the same manner as existing pads
  • Work with Jetstream and Multi-Jetstream abrasives

Please note that there are new product numbers for all sanders, pads, and abrasives that have changed to the new Multi-Jetstream technology. Visit your preferred Festool dealer for more details.

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