Ripping Precision: Review of Festool Parallel Guides

Thursday, June 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | Reviews | Saws

Parallel Guides


In the edition of SysNotes earlier this month, we featured an article on Brice Burrell's review of the new Festool Parallel Guides. We mistakenly did not include a direct link to the review. If you had difficulty locating the review, you can view it online at the following location.

Webpage Brice Burrell's Review of the Festool Parallel Guides

Earlier this year, Festool introduced yet another revolutionary accessory for the guide rail system. The new Parallel Guides fill the void as a solution for ripping applications using the TS plunge cut saw. Brice Burrell, an accomplished contractor and avid Festool user, has written a detailed and thorough 18-page review of this new product being put through its paces. You can also enjoy more of Brice's reviews and tutorials on his website,

Combining dust collection, the cut quality of the TS plunge cut saw, portability, and precision, the Parallel Guides offer a great solution especially for those who have small workshop or work on-site at client locations. Designed to save time, the Parallel Guides will consistently provide you with the best results and maximize profitability on jobs. Just another way that Festool helps you work... Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Visit the Festool USA website or your local Festool dealer for more information about the new Festool Parallel Guides. Be sure to read the article above about how to submit your TS plunge cut saw success story for a chance to win a free Parallel Guide Set!

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