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Festool C12

The Festool C12 is the lightest 12V drill on the market and the first cordless drill with a brushless motor. Lift a pound less each time you drill or drive without sacrificing any power. That's 200 fewer pounds over the course of a typical day. As for longevity, the C12 will drive up to one million screws before it needs to be replaced. Based on the revolutionary EC-TEC® motor technology, the C12 incorporates a clever arrangement of motor, transmission, and battery, allowing an extremely short design: the C12 never needs more than 6" space.

EC-TEC® Motor Technology

The heart of the C12 is the revolutionary EC-TEC brushless motor. Th is isn't just your run-of-the-mill motor. This is a permanent magnet, remotely commutated, 3 phase, AC motor. This is the same type of motor used as servo motors in robotic systems where high torque, high speed, and extreme durability are crucial.

The brushless DC motor lasts longer, and requires no maintenance, as compared to the brushed motor. It is also much smoother and quieter.


A powerful drill is of little value if it is easily damaged. The C12 has an intelligent electronic controller that not only powers the motor, but more importantly, monitors its health. Unlike other drills on the market, the C12 won't let you destroy the drill (or the battery) no matter how hard you try.

Battery Sizes

Whether you're an occasional picture hanger, or a professional contractor, the C12 is flexible enough to meet everyone's needs. The C12 is available with three sizes of batteries to choose from: 1.3 Ah NiCd, 2.4 Ah NiCd, and 3.0 Ah NiMH. The higher the amp-hour (Ah) rating, the longer the battery will last.


The C12 gearbox is virtually bulletproof. To harness the power of the motor, the C12 uses a 3-stage planetary geartrain. This is the same type of gear set used in automotive transmissions for its strength and versatility.

In a planetary drive, the power of the motor is shared by dozens of gear teeth instead of just a couple. It also permits for a very high gear ratio in a small amount of space.

Electromechanical Clutch And Motor Cut-out

Most cordless drills have mechanical slip clutches to prevent you from stripping a screw, but the clutch on the C12 will slip only half a revolution before the motor detects the slippage and shuts down. No more do you have to put up with the endless grinding sound from the slip clutch. Another feature of the C12 gearbox is the integral shaft-lock to assist in bit changing. The motor can rotate the drill chuck, but the drill chuck cannot rotate the motor. With the shaft-lock, you can tighten the chuck as hard as you want, and the gearbox will hold fast.

Change Chucks & Batteries In Seconds

C12 Chucks C12 Chucks C12 Chucks
FastFix Right-Angle Chuck - for close quarters. Also accepts Centrotec or keyless chuck. FastFix Keyless Chuck - standard ½" replacement clamping chuck. FastFix Depth Stop Chuck - for consistent, precise depth setting regardless of material.
C12 Chucks C12 Chucks C12 Chucks
FastFix Eccentric Chuck - places bit flush to side, letting you drill or drive right into corners. Centrotec Chuck - lightweight, compact quick-release chuck provides two points of contact for bits and accessories. Prevents wobble. Replacement Battery Packs - available in three sizes: 1.3Ah, 2.4Ah and 3.0Ah.

View the Festool C12 online at the Festool USA website.

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