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Friday, January 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Festool Owners Group | Reviews

Special thanks to Forrest Anderson for taking the time to compile a thorough list of Festool product reviews and links which will serve as a great resource for current Festool owners and those thinking about purchasing their first Festool. Here is a partial list of links related to the line of CT Dust Extractors:

Author Article & Link
The Woodshop CT MINI
Benchmark CT MINI Review
C. John Herbert CT MINI Review
Dean Bielanowski CT MINI Review
Traditional Woodworking CT MINI Review
Brice Burrell CT22 Dirt Trap Review
About, Inc. CT22 Review
Benchmark CT22 Review
Bill Esposito CT22 Review
Dean Bielanowski CT22 Review
Mark Clement CT22 Review CT22 Review
The Woodshop CT22 Review
Fine Homebuilding CT 33 Review July 2007
John Lucas Boom Arm Review
Brice Burrell D 36 HW-RS Tradesmen/Installer Cleaning Set Review
Festool CT MINI Manual
Festool CT MIDI Brochure
Festool CT 22 Manual
Festool CT 33 Manual
Festool CT Hose Garage Brochure


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