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Special thanks to Bill Esposito (nhwoodworker.com) for taking the time to provide us with a Toolie Tip. I encourage you to visit Bill's website for a wealth of informative commentary on various Festool products.

Bill's CT Dust Extractor Tip

Image you're installing some custom cabinets in a client's living room and you need to use your router to add that stopped dado that you seem to have forgotten when you made the piece in the shop.  You plug your OF 1400 router into the Festool CT 22 Dust Extractor, lay out your guide rail, squeeze the trigger and everything goes black.  You just tripped the breaker!  The last thing you want to do is run your router in the clients living room without Festool's amazing dust extraction.  Don't panic. All you need to do is dial down the variable suction speed on the vacuum.  The variable speed of the CT 22 actually reduces current draw and varies the power consumption of the CT's motor between 350-1200 watts. So dialing back the speed will buy you enough headroom to cleanly get the job accomplished.

Bill's CT 22 Dust Extractor Review

Festool CT 22 Dust ExtractorRight at the core of the Festool system is dust extraction and Festool offers a line of high performance vacuums that are every bit as well engineered as their tools. The first impression you'll have when you get this vacuum is that you've bought a finely engineered tool....the term 'shop vac' will be the last thing on your mind.  Festool likes to call it a Dust Extractor.

The CT 22 is a quiet, powerful variable speed vacuum which also has a power outlet where you can connect your sanders or saws or whatever and which will automatically power on and off the CT 22 as your turn your tool on and off.

This Dust Extractor is delivered with one filter bag, the HEPA main filters and a 1' by 11.5' anti-static hose.  The CT 22 when used with anti-static accessories will dissipate static caused by vacuuming so that you will not get zapped...and yes, it works.

The CT 22 is a great vacuum and a great piece of engineering.  Those who appreciate quality and engineering will love this product. It now ships with HEPA filters which make it even more attractive.  It offers the convenience of auto start as well as the increased tool performance gained by having the variable speed.  As mentioned earlier, the down side is that you'll probably want to purchase some accessories to address some of the minor issues such as anti-static hose stiffness and the cumbersome emptying of collect water.

The CT 22 is an integral part of the whole Festool system and will make a great addition for anyone interested in keeping the workshop, job site and their lungs free of sawdust.


Thanks, Bill! Be sure to check out Bill Esposito's website at http://www.nhwoodworker.com.

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