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MFK 700 EQ

Debuting May 1st, 2008. Meet The MFK 700 EQ Trim Router.

Due to its modular design and tool-less base changes, the MFK 700 can easily transform from a vertical to a horizontal position with a few simple steps. Trim laminate and edge banding or rout grooves easily with the lightweight and maneuverable MFK 700.

Packed with features, this trim router saves money by allowing you to use bearing-less bits when used with the attachable base feeler bearing. 1/256” (1/10 mm) fine depth adjustments and exceptional dust extraction make this an ideal solution for all of your light routing tasks.


MFK 700 Horizontal





Highly efficient dust extraction eliminates clean-up, saving you time.

Quickly attach and remove all MFK components.

Precise depth adjustment accurate to 1/256” (1/10 mm).

Modular design covers a wide range of routing applications.

The V-shaped cutout of the base and sensor bearing guide provide flush trimming even around corners.

Optional parallel edge guide enables alignment with the outside edge of the workpiece.

Large support base and additional hand grip allow for safer, more complete control.

MMC electronics deliver smooth operation and motor protection for a long service life.

Surfaces are protected when routing edge banding, thanks to a pitched, 1.5° horizontal base.

Includes router with (1) dust extraction hood, (1) standard threaded base for US guide bushing, (1) plug-it cord, (1) vertical base, (1) 1.5° horizontal base and sensor bearing guide set. Shipped in Systainer 2.

Available May 1st, 2008. Locate your local dealer or learn more about the MFK 700.

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