Making A "Perfect" Drawer In Less Than Five Minutes

Friday, April 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Routers

Special thanks to Jerry Work of the Dovetail Joint, for taking the time to put together a very extensive overview of the Festool VS 600 Jointing System. Read below to learn more about this time-saving system that will help your jointing projects become Faster, Easier, Smarter.

Making A "Perfect" Drawer In Less Than Five Minutes

Let's start with what constitutes a "perfect" drawer, box or cabinet. Since the side joints on all three are the same, to save my typing and your reading, from this point onward I will use the term "drawer" to mean either a drawer, a box, or a cabinet carcass. A little later on I will also cover what else you need to do besides the dovetailed side joints that differentiate one from another. And, still further on we will talk a bit about using the VS-600 to also make slotted or box joints as well as dovetail joints.

A "perfect" drawer is one that is exactly the length, width and depth you want, is absolutely square, sits flat and invokes an image of fine craftsmanship from the minute you assemble it.


Festool VS 600 Jointing System


No sanding to fit, no "make it a bit bigger and cut it to fit afterwards" and no "put a bit of filler into the gaps to make it look like it fits" even when it doesn't. Just perfectly made in the first place.

A " perfect" drawer is also one you can make day-in and day-out with beautifully cut half blind dovetail corners in less than 5 minutes. Yes, that is right, five minutes from the time you have the properly prepared stock in front of you to the time you are ready to assemble.

Stock preparation and the precise engineering of the VS-600 base unit, template, guide bushing and cutter are the keys to your perfect box in five minutes every time.

Interested in learning the techniques that Jerry Work describes? Then, visit Festool USA website to download the free 47-page manual for the VS 600 by Jerry Work. Take your jointing skills to the next level with the Festool VS 600 Jointing System.

Thanks, Jerry! Be sure to check out Jerry Work's website, the Dovetail Joint, at

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