A New Approach To Router Collet Design

Sunday, May 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Festool Facts | Routers

You may not have noticed but the new Festool MFK 700 Trim Router and OF 2200 Router both employ a newly designed collet.

The new design dramatically improves the service life of the collet and protects against the invasion of contaminates such as saw dust, solid surface dust and other abrasive materials that would normally damage the internals of the collet.

OF 2200 Collet Solid Surface TestsSo how do we know the new collet design is effective? Well, we took an OF 2200 and ran it in some of the worst solid surface conditions imaginable until the router itself was nearly unrecognizable. Even after being subjected to these harsh conditions, the collet was able to function properly.

The new collets are compatible with the OF 1400 and OF 2200 routers and can be purchased as replacement parts.

OF 1400 / OF 2200 Compatible Collets

1/4" Collet Product No.: 494463
8mm Collet Product No.: 494460
1/2" Collet Product No.: 494465

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