MFK 700 Starter Bit Set

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MFK 700 Starter Set

The MFK 700 Starter Bit Set.

Save $67.50 versus purchasing these components separately. The value-packed starter bit set for the MFK 700 includes four carbide tipped router bits, a Festool Systainer 1 and router bit insert for the systainer. Festool router bits meet the highest standards of manufacturing. Each bit has a maximum collet depth mark and maximum RPM rating inscribed on the shank for convenience.

The set includes the following bits, specifically designed to enhance the MFK 700's innovative design:

Replaceable Knife Bit

Product No. 491 670

Ideal for use with MFK 700 and the 1.5° Horizontal Base for trimming edge banding.

The high quality carbide knives are able to rotate and offer four finished edges for longer bit life.  The knives can also be replaced. 

The main advantage to this design is the cutter will maintain concentricity and diameter even when rotating to a fresh edge. Traditional brazed bits with permanent carbide, when sharpened, lose some diameter as well as carbide thickness. Replaceable knife bits can usually have harder carbide since it is not brazed to a body (heat in this process causes carbide to lose some temper) and is mounted via a removable fastener.

Being able to maintain a fresh and sharp edge without having to send the bit for sharpening is a time-saver.  In addition you will improve your cut performance by always having a fresh edge at hand.

Edge Trimming Chamfer Bit w/ Ball Bearing

Product No. 491 026

Ideal for use with MFK 700 or OF 1010 for trimming laminate (Formica).

This router bit features two cutters a short two flute straight cutter and a short 45° chamfer cutter.  The two cutting profiles allow the user to trim laminate back flush with board edge while putting a slight chamfer to relieve the laminate edge.  This two-in-one bit is bearing guided to allow guidance from the substrate material.  The bearing is coated to prevent damage to the material.

The unique design of this cutter features a single 0° straight cutter and single 45° chamfer cutter that are opposite one another.  This arrangement is for greater cutting efficiency by minimizing contact and reducing noise generated by chatter.

The design of this bit is to reduce the need for hand filing or sanding of the crisp edge of the laminate prior to applying edge banding.  This saves steps by doing two jobs at once thereby saving time.

Chamfer Cutter 45º

Product No. 491 669

Ideal for use with MFK 700 and the 1.5° Horizontal Base for trimming edge banding and creating a slight chamfer break to the laminate.

For filing of edge banding and creating a chamfer where the laminate and edge banding meet.  By trimming both back there is not hard corner edge.  This helps to prevent the laminate or edge banding from getting snagged and becoming chipped or peeled off of the material.

The chamfer provides two jobs in one to reduce the need for hand filing thereby saving steps and time.

Roundover Bit w/ Ball Bearing

Product No. 491 009

Ideal for use with MFK 700 and OF 1010 for trimming of laminate.

The small 2 mm (5/64”) radius produces a slight round over on the material to alleviate a crisp hard edge as well as being pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

This set comes with two bearings.  The installed bearing produces a flush-cutting round over and the second bearing, which is smaller in diameter, when placed on the bit allows the bit to produce a bead profile cut.  The bead style cut is a decorative profile bit.


Available in limited quantities. Contact your local Festool dealer for more information.

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