Decades Of Experience.

Friday, July 4, 2008 | Reader Comments | Festool Facts

82 Years of Festool

Festool Facts

Decades Of Experience.

Festool developed and patented the guide rail in 1962 and the plunge cut saw in 1980. These are two of the many innovations that Festool has introduced that have changed the landscape of woodworking. Since their original development, these technologies have continued to be refined based on decades of experience. For instance, in 1982, the guide rail was redesigned to include a splinterguard and updated again in 2003 to add additional functionality.

Today the current versions of the Festool FS guide rail and TS plunge cut saws continue to set the benchmark for precision and reliability. Bernd Fleischmann, a Festool engineer, sums it up best...

"If the result of our work at Festool is not better than everything else on the market, we prefer not to come out with the tool at all."

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