Bill Wyko's Segmented Monsoon A La Festool

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Festool Fest

Bill Wyko is a true artisan, producing beautiful and interesting pieces of art. Bill talks about how using the Festool Domino and Festool sanders help produce these magnificent segmented vases comprised of nearly 1,500 pieces of wood.

"When I first saw the Domino, I thought it was revolutionary and could make a number of projects go faster as well as produce better and more artistic results . I had the idea to do a segmented turning using a Dowel jig to add dots to a vessel, but when I bought the Domino, I knew that was the way to add a decorative touch.

I had to devise a way to make consistent plunges into a very small piece of wood. As a result, I designed a jig to aid in this process shown in the (shown in the upper left photo below). I used my Domino to make a slot in the jig so I could slide the sides back and forth in order to compensate for different length segments. Then, I placed the segment in the slot that matches the angles of the segment, put some masking tape over the side where the Domino will plunge into the segment, aligned the cursor with the center line, and made the plunge (upper right photo below).

Festool Fest

This process was very easy and could be repeated precisely. This also allowed me to add a dowel to the center of the Domino for additional aesthetics.

I used Festool sanders in conjunction with the lathe. This helped to eliminate the marks that would have appeared from conventional hand sanding (bottom left photo). I will admit, I was a little skeptical of how it would look. In the end though, I think it turned out great (bottom right photo).

This particular piece sold for $1250.00, so it paid for my Domino and left a little change in my pocket."

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