Per Swenson & John Lucas Discus Using the Kapex & Miter Fast

Festool Fest

Toolie Tips
by John Lucas, Wood Shop Demos

Two well known members of the Festool community, Per Swenson and John Lucas ( meet up to swap notes on installing crown moulding and the unique features of the Kapex sliding compound miter saw that make this task easier than ever. John even includes a quick reference guide to help with cutting crown.

John says...

"One of the greatest uses for any sliding miter saw is in cutting molding — particularly crown molding. I can tell you war stories of my various attempts at installing crown molding. The bottom line is I made way too many mistakes and that cost me a great deal of time and expensive stock molding. The Kapex is not only a new sliding miter saw with a lot of unique features but it is a saw that has the cutting of crown molding in its design."

Read the complete article on the Wood Shop Demos website.

Well done, John and Per! Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise and tips with us. If you have a project, tip or story you would like to share about Festool power tools, please contact us at

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