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Festool Facts

The Volvo Ocean Race is an exceptional test of sailing prowess and human endeavor which has been built on the spirit of great seafarers - fearless men who sailed the world’s oceans aboard square rigged clipper ships more than a century ago.

Their challenge back then was not a race as such, but recording the fastest time between ports. This meant new levels of pride for themselves and great recognition for their vessel. The spirit that drove those commercial sailors along the web of trade routes, deep into the bleak latitudes of the Southern Ocean and around the world’s most dangerous capes, emerges today in the form of the Volvo Ocean Race, a contest now seen as the pinnacle of achievement in the sport.

During this challenge in 2008/2009 Festool will support the Ericsson racing Team with its machines and knowledge.The key to Festool's success has been listening carefully to the needs of its customers, puring the insight into its R&D activities in order to improve the quality and performance of its tools.

Team Ericsson Racing using ETS 150Whatever the requirements are on the boats, whether precision; ease of use; or extensive service, with Festool the Ericsson Racing Team has got the important reliability of the tools.

Festool has former experience from Whitbread 60 boat-building and maintenance during Whitbread Round the World Race 1997/98 together with team EF, the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001/2002 together with team SEB and the Volvo Ocean Race in 2005/2006 with the Ericsson racing Team.

We invite you to learn more about this magnificent event and how Festool was become an integral part of the Ericsson Racing Team's endeavors using the websites referenced below. Of special note: the Volvo Ocean Race will reach port in Boston, MA on May 16th, 2009. If you're in the Boston area or plan to visit Boston, this would be a great opportunity to see some of the finest ocean racing vessels in the world in action. Please note this date is subject to change based on the preceding legs of the race. Check the Volvo Ocean Race website for updates as the date nears.

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