Choosing A Plunge Cut Saw & Guide Rail System

Sunday, January 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | Saws

Track Saw Guide

A lot of people still believe you can only get straight, splinter-free cuts in a shop using expensive panel saws, table saws, and CNC equipment. Getting quality cuts with portable power tools doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. The truth is… with the right power tools, anyone can get great results in the shop or on the jobsite. Straight, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you know the secret.

So you've been on the fence about purchasing a plunge cut saw and guide rail system (also referred to as a track saw). After all, you have a table saw, so what's the big deal? Take the time to explore our new website, which is dedicated to helping you understand the benefits and advantages of the Festool TS plunge saw and guide rail system. Learn how you can produce professional quality results, save time and become more profitable.

For more information about the plunge cut saw system, purchasing considerations, key features and more, visit today!

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