EHL 65 E One-Handed Planer

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | New Products | Planers

EHL 65 E Planer

Festool will be introducing its first new power tool for 2009 on April 1st, the EHL 65 E one-handed planer. Visit our new micro website to learn all the details, view video and photos, and check out the specs for this great addition to the Festool product line.

Smooth cuts are just part of the story with Festool planers. When planing carcasses, trim, panels, or doors, the one-handed EHL 65 is both ergonomic, as well as powerful. With depth control that can be adjusted on-the-fly, spiral cutterhead, and 720 watts (6.0 Amps), the EHL 65 planer fits the bill for most planing applications. The base of the EHL 65 planer features an angled groove for chamfering operations with the size of the chamfer being controlled by the depth of cut, which can be controlled in 1/256" increments.

So many trimming and planing tasks require working in awkward and sometimes difficult to reach areas. Being able to control the planer with one hand allows easy access for challenging cuts, while leaving one hand free to help secure the material. Not only does the EHL 65 planer allow for one handed use, it also produces clean and smooth shear cuts. The spiral single-knife cutterhead cuts quickly, quietly, and cleanly for less re-work and great results. Conveniently arrange the dust collection port on either side of the machine for optimum extraction. It is a simple and straightforward machine that performs like no other.

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