Joinery Made Easy: Mortise & Tenon Using The DOMINO Joiner

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Joinery Made Easy


ApplicationsIn 2007, Festool released the DOMINO joiner and it has been revolutionizing the way mortise and tenon joinery has been done ever since. The Domino follows our mantra of Faster, Easier, Smarter and offers the best solution to joinery available.

The Domino's bit uses an oscillating side-to-side motion as it plunges into the workpiece. This creates an oblong-shaped mortise of a prescribed depth which is selected on the Domino joiner. The fence can be configured to work with various thicknesses material and can even be positioned at angles ranging from 0 - 90°. An indexing mechanism is located on each side of the Domino fence which can be used to quickly create evenly spaced mortises along an edge, indexing from one to the next.

The oblong-shaped Domino tenon is designed to offer maximum glue surface and prevent rotation unlike other forms of joinery, such as dowels. Tenons are made of solid beech or Sipo (for outdoor applications) and are available in a variety of sizes depending on application.

Obviously, as with all Festool power tools, great attention was given to dust extraction with the Domino. Work virtually free of dust and debris. Save time and effort in clean up and work in a more healthy environment as a result.

We're convinced that once you try the Domino, you will wonder why you have been doing joinery the hard way for so long. Take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee to give the Domino a try today!

Visit the Festool USA website to view video of the Domino in action, learn about all of the unique and innovative features, and to download a host of supporting PDF documents.

PDF Domino Product Information & Video
PDF Domino Features Walkthrough
PDF Domino Supplemental Manual by Rick Christopherson
PDF A Shaker Inspired Side Table Using the Domino
PDF A Zigzag Chair Designed Using the Domino
PDF Making Fixed Louvers with the Domino by Gary Nichols
PDF Getting the Most from the Domino by Jerry Work
PDF Domino Review by Christopher Schwarz

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