And The Winner Is...

Monday, May 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | Reviews | Saws

And the winner is...


If you've been on the fence about which plunge saw and guide rail system is the best, wait no longer. Recently, Woodworker's Journal, the Journal of Light Construction, and Fine Woodworking have written articles featuring a head-to-head comparison of the options available. In all instances, the editors chose the Festool TS plunge cut saw and guide rail system to offer the best performance and value.

Chris Marshall, Field Editor for Woodworker's Journal, said, "Without question, it's Festool", when choosing the 'Best Bet' winner in the genre of power tools. David Frane, JLC Senior Editor, stated, "...if I were to run out and buy one today, it would be the Festool TS 55 EQ", when choosing the best of class. In the editor's review of a competitor's offering, Mark Edmundson of Fine Woodworking wrote if he were to pick between the available plunge cut saws on the market, "...I'd choose the Festool."

If you've been considering adding a plunge saw to your power tool arsenal, we encourage you to take the opportunity to read these articles by well-respected publications for the woodworking community. Clearly, Festool has over 40 years of experience with this technology and a superb track record of durability.

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Webpage Learn more at Festool's Website

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