Ericcson Racing Team: Volvo Ocean Race Update

Monday, May 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Festool Events

Volvo Ocean Race


In the November edition of SysNotes, we had an article about the Volvo Ocean Race and the Ericsson Racing Team. Festool is the official power tool supplier of the Ericsson Racing Team and has participated in the world's most demanding ocean race, the Volvo Ocean Race, since 1997. We thought we would update you on the status of the race as it nears its arrival in Boston, Massachusetts and tell you a little more about Festool's involvement in the marine industry. At the time of this writing, the two Ericsson boats are in first and fourth place in the overall standings. Go Team Ericsson!

Boat PolishingWhether you are working on detailed finishing of fixtures in tight spaces, sanding and polishing of gelcoat, sanding of large wooden surfaces, securing fixtures, drilling and screwing, sanding of small wooden surfaces at different angles or curvatures, Festool offers the best solution. The applications for a boat are almost infinite. Above all, the high performance electric power tools from Festool help you discover the possibilities and help you reach your goal of working faster, easier, and smarter.

When working on sensitive surfaces, and when trying to avoid hologram effects, you can never be careful enough. This is why Festool didn't just design machines for this purpose, but developed a multi-purpose system as well. The system has been designed to take care of all types of sanding and polishing jobs. Every component of the system is perfectly matched - from the abrasives and polishing sponges to the machines.

"Perfect surfaces in the shortest possible time" - that is what our users want. But what is it that produces a high quality finish? Excellent surface preparation using professional tools and the correct system. This is why Festool offers a carefully balanced system with every element perfectly matched to obtain the perfect wood surface - from the abrasive, to the backing pad, to the sander, to the extraction system. All from one company - Festool. Festool is a true leader in the field of sanding - we are proud to be the original inventor of the first orbital sander in the world over 50 years ago. Festool has kept its competitive lead in this field through countless innovations in sanding and surface preparation.

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