The Festool Guide Rail Gets A Face Lift

Monday, May 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Guide Rails | New Products

Clear Splinter Strip


If you recently ordered a new guide rail, you may have noticed something new. Recently, we have begun shipping our guide rails with a newly designed, semi-transparent splinter guard. The new Splinterguard offers several advantages over previous versions.

  • The semi-transparent material provides improved visibility for alignment with marks.
  • The new material is more robust and rigid.
  • The new adhesive has been used to make removal easier, without residue.

We will be offering new semi-transparent replacement Splinterguards made of this new material beginning Summer 2009 in two sizes only. Please check with your Festool dealer for availability. All guide rails sizes will feature the new semi-transparent Splinterguard. Please note that some Festool dealers may still have guide rails in inventory that use the previous black rubber-like splinter strip.

495207 55" Semi-Transparent Replacement Splinterguard $16.00 Available Summer 2009
495209 197" Semi-Transparent Replacement Splinterguard $30.00 Available

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