Brushless Motors: Superior Performance Through Efficiency

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Brushless Motors


Festool cordless drills deliver epic amounts of power and torque when compared to competitor's models. For those of you who now own a Festool drill, this will come as no surprise since you have experienced it first hand. One reason that Festool cordless drills can attain performance levels that leave you reeling in astonishment is the use of the brushless motor (available in C 12 and T+3 series drills).

The brushless motor technology employed by Festool has been proven to provide high efficiency and longevity versus the standard DC motors used in nearly all other cordless drills. Brushless motors are generally 60% more efficient. This allows Festool cordless drills to make better use of the available energy generated by the battery. For you car fanatics, this is like comparing an engine's horsepower rating to the actual horsepower at the wheels. What really matters is the amount of power and torque generated at the bit. As a comparison, the Festool T15+3 14.4 volt cordless drill delivers 11.5 volts at the bit while a standard 24 volt cordless drill would offer about 12 volts at the bit.

The long term advantage comes from the lack of wearable parts in a brushless motor. This means that your Festool cordless drill will not have the same wear and cost of replacement brushes associated with other drills. The advanced technology used in the Festool T+3 cordless drills allow us to offer a 3-year warranty on the drill, charger and batteries.

Visit the Festool USA website for more information about the new Festool T+3 Lithium Ion cordless drills featuring brushless motor technology.

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