Domino. Evolved.

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Domino. Evolved.


The DOMINO Joiner has evolved.

Beginning August 1st, the Domino will be available with several improvements including a new fence and a new Base Support Bracket. The Domino will also see the addition of a 4mm cutter and tenons which are sold separately (see details below). If you're not familiar with all of the unique advantages of the Domino joiner, visit the Festool USA website for complete product details, features, photos and video.

Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.

Note: Photo for demonstration purposes only. Always operate your Domino safely per the operating instructions.

The new included Domino fence, which can be purchased separately (495 348), is backward compatible with existing Domino joiners and features square stop flaps which offer improvements over the previous round pins. The square stop flaps are less likely to get caught unintentionally in adjacent mortises and are less likely to be affected by glue residue. The new fence incorporates an improved clear plastic cursor which is now extended further to improve mark alignment.

The new included Base Support Bracket, which can be purchased separately (495 666), is backward compatible with existing Domino joiners and offers additional support across the face of the fence. The new Base Support Bracket now includes integrated flip stops which allow mortises to be plunged closer to the edge of the material. This is particularly useful for narrow workpieces. When using the flip stops, the center of the cut is 20mm (25/32") from the edge versus 37mm (1-15/32") without. The flip stops offer optimal flexibility when using the new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons.

Product Name Product No. Price
New Domino DF 500 Q 574 307 $775.00
New Domino DF 500 Q Set
(Includes Cross & Trim Stops)
574 308 $825.00


The New Domino 4mm Cutter & Tenons

The Domino now offers five (5) cutter sizes and seven (7) tenon sizes to suit a variety of applications depending on material thickness.

The Domino Assortment Systainer (493 301) includes 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm cutters and over 1,100 Domino tenons in assorted lengths and thicknesses. This kit offers the most value when purchasing the Domino and provides convenient storage for your Domino tenons. 4mm cutter and tenons sold separately.

The newest addition to the Domino family is the new 4mm cutter and tenons. We like to call them "tiny tenons". You will notice that the new 4mm cutter is shorter than other Domino cutters. This is required to accommodate the shallow plunge depth.

This new cutter and tenon size expand on the versatility and functionality of the Domino joiner.

Product Name Product No. Price
4mm Domino Cutter 495 663 $30.00
4 x 20mm Domino Tenons, 450-Pack 495 661 $15.50

Drawer Boxes from 1/2" Stock

One of the most obvious applications for the new 4mm Domino accessories is creating drawer boxes from 1/2" material. Use the 4mm cutter and set your Domino joiner to the 20mm plunge depth setting. Because the 4mm cutter is shorter than other cutters, the actual resulting plunge depth will be only 10mm.

For a through tenon, set the plunge depth to 15mm instead and use your Festool Sander to sand the tenon flush to the surface.

Inside & Outside Radius Corners

Another application for the new 4mm tenons is forming moldings for radius corners on walls and furniture. The shorter tenons provide the perfect solution for sturdy joints.


The new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons have broadened the capabilities of this brilliantly simple joiner. Whether you use it for moldings, furniture, picture frames, drawer boxes, or decorative boxes the Domino is sure to exceed your demands and your expectations.

Start working faster, easier, and smarter with the new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons!

For more information, contact your local Festool dealer or preferred Festool online dealer.


Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.



Domino. Evolved.



Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.

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