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Kinloch Woodworking

Doug Mooberry builds incredible American furniture inspired by antiques, but adds his unique Kinloch Woodworking creative touches to every piece. Founded in 1982, Kinloch Woodworking has assembled a massive portfolio full of examples of awe-inspiring woodworking prowess. As stated on their website, "Details Do Matter" and attention to those details is important and what makes the furniture they produced collectable.

Kinloch WoodworkingYou may recognize the monstrous slab of wood used in the table in the photo to the right. Ok, give up? It's featured in an article entitled Success With Large Slabs in the August issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. In the article, Mooberry discusses the methods for selecting, working with and incorporating large slabs into furniture design.

In a recent visit to Kinloch Woodworking in Pennsylvania, Tom Loveless of Festool USA talked with Doug about some of the challenges faced in dealing with these beautiful hardwoods. Doug identified dust collection and the speed at which material was removed when sanding as areas that he would like to improve. With the addition of a Festool CT 22 dust extractor with boom arm attachment, the RAS 115.04 E Rotary sander, the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex sander and the use of Festool's highly aggressive Cristal sanding abrasives, the process of finishing is vastly improved.

Kinloch WoodworkingHere's what Doug had to say about the addition of Festool to his shop...

"Grinding and sanding large slabs has always been slow, which means it's expensive from a labor perspective. It used to be a very noisy and dirty process which just adds to the fatigue and we worked in an environment covered in sanding dust and debris.  Then, we tried the Festool solution.  These tools are really great! Fast, quiet and with the dust extractor all the dust magically disappears.  We use the Rotex for most sanding but when you really need to remove lots of material the RAS 115 is just the tool.  Great designs that allow much greater productivity and profitability."

Festool's comprehensive line of sanding abrasives offers optimal material removal and long life. Cristal is the most aggressive of our abrasives offerings and incorporates a durable aluminum oxide bonding material and no load coating which makes it a top performer for rapid removal. Cristal stays cool and won't clog which prolongs abrasive and pad life. Festool's patented JetStream technology results in unsurpassed dust extraction and abrasives that last up to 30% longer.

Festool sanders and abrasives can tackle the most demanding jobs and make the arduous process of sanding a more enjoyable experience. For more information about Festool's complete line of sanding abrasives, check out the Festool Abrasives Decision Guide (PDF).

PDF Success With Large Slabs, Fine Woodworking, August 2009
Webpage Kinloch Woodworking Website


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