Flipping Cool: The Mobile Saw Table by Marte Yerkins

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Mobile Saw Table


A special thanks to Marte Yerkins for sharing his project for building a mobile saw table which can be folded for storage. At the bottom of this article, you will have the opportunity to download complete project plans and instructions. Here's what Marte had to say...

"I operate a one-man shop and I have recognized the advantages of the Festool circular saw system versus purchasing a panel saw or sliding table saw for breaking down panels into manageable pieces for my table saw. After years of clamping panels to a large workbench and plopping down a spoil board for the numerous kerfs, I started thinking about a better method. Space and work surfaces are at a premium in my 3,000 sqft. shop so portability was a major requirement.

I established my criteria before I started designing:

  • Must be mobile but stable when parked. This meant using good quality casters that would roll over
    things like power cords and a heavy duty brakes that would lock the wheel and the swivel.
  • Must fold down into a tight package so it can be stored out of the way when not in use.
  • Must have the ability to clamp panels less than a full 4' x 8' or at irregular angles so this meant that
    the table top could not be solid.
  • Must be at a compatible work height with my other work benches.
  • Must have a means where one person of slight stature (me) can load a typical sheet of ¾" panel stock
    from a vertical position safely onto the table top.

What I came up with was a grid table top that pivots on a mobile base and locks in a horizontal or vertical
position. Although it would have been ideal to incorporate an integral panel lift, it was not possible because the edge of the pivoting top was too far off the floor in the vertical position. The attached drawings show the construction details and material list.

Case MarteYou will notice that the overall dimensions are precise to the 1/16". The construction was based on 4/4 poplar that I purchase pre-surfaced from my lumber supplier which nets out at 13/16" thick. I saw no reason to mill it down to 3/4" so the design was made for the grid to be on a 1/2" increment which is easier to set up and follow."

Read the rest of Marte's tutorial (in PDF format) Case Marte about the Mobile Saw Table, complete with blueprints and instructions for making your own.

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