Gary Katz Reviews the Festool Stabila Level

Friday, December 4, 2009 | Reader Comments | Reviews

Gary Katz Level Review

Gary Katz takes an in-depth look at the new 48" Installer’s Level, designed and produced exclusively for Festool in Germany by Stabila, the world’s most respected levels and measuring tools manufacturer.  Gary puts the level through its paces and explains why this is the perfect solution for a wide range of installation, trim carpentry, and remodeling tasks.

This level is guaranteed accurate, to within 0.029 degrees (or 1/32" over 72 inches).  This level, produced in a very limited quantity, features lighted vials, a full bridge across vials making pencil marks across the full span easy, metric and imperial markings along the length of the level, and centerline marks for easy reference when laying out projects.

These levels carry the industry leading support of both Festool and Stabila, with a guarantee that the spirit levels will remain accurate for the life of the level.  The vials in this level will not fog, leak, or otherwise become inaccurate.  If they do, you will receive a new level. 

So, head on over the Gary's website to read the full review.

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