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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 | Reader Comments | Routers | Reviews

Consistently delivering exceptional results.

You know that saying... There's the hard way and there's the easy way. Well, we'd like to think Festool is synonymous with "the easy way". And, if you make you're living running power tools all day long, the easy way means more profit.

While Festool is the brand of choice for professionals throughout Europe and other parts of the world, we're still relatively new to the scene in North America. However, it hasn't taken long for trade magazines, professionals and ambitious do-it-yourselfers alike to discover why Festool is different. It's all about consistently delivering exceptional results.


"Remarkable integration of quality, power and functionality."

Chip Wade is the on air Contractor and Master Carpenter for two shows, Designed to Sell and Curb Appeal - The Block. Chip is one of those professionals who have taken notice of the results that come with using Festool. We spoke with Chip recently about a kitchen renovation that he did and here's what he had to say:

My televised projects pose a significant, if not unique, challenge in that they demand a high level of quality, but are virtually always filmed onsite, and are always on the move.

Chip Wade - KitchenIn a three day makeover with a budget of no more than $2000, I am building anything and everything for each home we visit. Absent the comforts of a traditional shop, it is essential that I am selective with the tools I keep in my arsenal. For me, quality and size are two critical considerations. On the jobsite, it is typically a luxury to have a table saw or router table, so it is essential to find more maneuverable tools to perform the same tasks efficiently. The OF 1010 EQ definitely fits that bill, and is the most recent to earn its spot on the truck.

On a recent episode, I was faced with the challenge of cutting out a custom bar with an integrated, rotating cutting board and colander. The OF 1010 EQ, coupled with the Festool guide rail system was up to the task. Using the fine-adjustment stops, I was able to rout perfectly parallel fluted slots with precise concentric run-outs. That's an application that would have taken hours to accomplish with a hand layout, not to mention a compromise in accuracy.

Later in the project, the combination of the OF 1010 and longer, 106" guide rail came through in another segment where I was faced with the need to machine disjointed collinear flutes, for a floor to ceiling fireplace surround. This project would have posed a challenge in a fully outfitted shop, much less on a jobsite with limited time and no more tools than I could carry in and out in just a couple of days. Festool’s remarkable integration of quality, power, and functionality give them a leg up on the competition and certainly a place in my toolbox.

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