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Thursday, February 4, 2010 | Reader Comments | Routers

MFK 700: One motor. Two bases. Many reasons to add it to your arsenal.

View a video of the Festool MFK 700 router on YouTube.

The MFK 700 router is often overlooked in Festool's router line up because of its small size, but it's quickly becoming the cabinetmaker's router of choice. This router is outfitted with a powerful 720 watt motor and offers unique solutions with its modular horizontal and vertical bases. Of course, incredible dust extraction comes standard on all Festool power tools.

While the MFK 700 is typically categorized as being just a laminate trimmer, this powerful router can be combined with its 1.5° horizontal base to trim edge banding, wood, and PVC up to 5/8" thick. The subtle 1.5° incline means there's no filing or finishing, just perfect results in a single pass every time.

The MFK 700 is great for template work with its base which is threaded to accept universal template guides. How many times have you needed a small router to do a some simple profile and have reached for a trim router only to be frustrated with the depth adjustment? Enjoy precise depth adjustment controllable in 1/256" (1/10 mm) increments making it perfect for template work, such as hinges and inlay banding.

Combine the MFK 700 with the parallel edge guide accessory (495 182) and you have the perfect tool to dado the sides of your cabinet to accept the back. Festool routers make it easy to set up the router on centerline for a groove or dado because all the bases are marked for the center of router bit. This set up also works well for doing fluted columns and rabbets.

View a quick YouTube video by one of our customers, Andreas Schwall of Eco Furniture, using the MFK 700 in horizontal and vertical configurations. For more video, visit our website.

MFK 700 MFK 700 MFK 700
Exceptional trimming results with the 1.5° horizontal base Combined with the vertical base and template guides. Use the optional edge guide for rabbets, dadoes, etc.


The OF 2200 Router: Undeniably the perfect router.

View a video of the Festool OF 2200 router on YouTube.

The OF 2200 router is an engineering marvel to say the least. Though it's packed full of functionality to conquer the most challenging tasks with ease and finesse, its 2200 watts of power enable it to hog off astonishing amounts of material with the biggest bits in a single pass. Some of the best applications for this router include routing large mortises in doors, creating large fluted columns and profiles in architecture millwork, and plowing through solid surface material for profiles. Yet, it possesses a smoothness and controllability for more delicate work using smaller bits. Simply put... this router can do it all!

The OF 2200 can plunge up to 3-5/32" and features a micro-adjust feature that allows you to fine tune your depth in increments of 1/256" (1/10 mm). The magnetic spindle brake means that even those monster router bits come to a stop very quickly. A ratcheting collet makes bit changes a breeze with a single wrench and plenty of open space means no knuckle-busting!

Dust extraction is a big deal at Festool and the OF 2200 is no exception. A large dust collection port rises to the top of the router to keep the hose out of the way. A dust hood is provided for edge work and a clear, retractable 360° dust shroud surrounds the bit to provide near-dust-free operation. Center lines marks are on all four sides of the router bases to make alignment on scribe lines very easy.

The OF 2200 also integrated with the Festool guide rail system to make accurate, straight dadoes and routs. A large assortment of accessories offer solutions for every application.

Recently, Roger Savatteri, a member of the Festool Owners Group forum posted some photos and information about his experience with the OF 2200. He used a mega-bit that was 3-1/2" in diameter and a whopping 6" in length to put a profile on a dining room table. We encourage you to visit the forum to see what Roger had to say about his experience with the OF 2200 and this incredibly large bit. Also, head over YouTube to watch a video from Marc Spagnuolo featuring the OF 2200!

OF 2200 OF 2200 OF 2200
Rout accurately using the Festool guide rail system. A multitude of application-specific accessories. Unbelievable dust extraction and ample power for any task.


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