The Plexiglas™ Routing Aid: Mortises Made Easy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | Reader Comments | Promotions | Routers

Quick, easy, accurate dadoes on thin material, such as doors.

The Plexiglas Routing Aid (495 246) attaches to the OF 2200 router for routing grooves and slots on the edge of material while providing dual fence guidance. An integrated ruler and adjustable fences accommodate material from 13/32 inches (10 mm) to 2-9/32 inches (50 mm). The clear Plexiglas material provides great visibility while routing. It's great for routing grooves in doors. Save 10% instantly when you purchase the Plexiglas Routing Aid.

"This is the fence system we used to use which worked really well (photo below). The disadvantage is, when you're running along, one drift and you've just ruined everything you've done. We used this for re-stiling and railing doors for years. But, I would not use it any more. Now, with the Festool [Plexiglas Routing Aid], once you've set it up, you don't have to worry about drift or have someone that's skilled actually doing the work."

Fall 2010 Promo

There's also a great article from our email newsletter in February where Robert Slack, proprietor of Gaucho Woodworking, discusses his use of the Plexiglas Routing Aid for installing mortise locks into doors. Also, in the October 2008 edition of our newsletter, we featured Eiji Fuller, a very talented woodworker, who used the Plexiglas Routing Aid to create large mortise and tenon joints. Watch a video of it in action in this short excerpt from Gary Katz's soon-to-be-released Doorhanger DVD. Also, Gary Katz has another video showing the Festool OF 1400 and OF 2200 routers being set up with this accessory to install a multi-point lock in his shop door. In part two of his video, you can watch him rout the mortises and install the locking mechanism.

An alternative to the Plexiglas template routing aid.

Router tricksUse rods for the OF 1400 and OF 2200 routers along with two parallel edge guides to create an alternative to the template routing aid (as featured above). Since our routers feature center line marks on the router base, simply scribe a center line on the material and align the center line mark for perfect results. Need additional fence height for more stability? Well, you can replace the fence surfaces on the parallel edge guide with taller material very easily for additional support with the removable screws.

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