The Ultimate Router: The Festool OF 2200.

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Save 10% instantly on the king of heavy-duty routers, OF 2200. Editors' Best Choice and Readers' in FWW's 2011 Tool Guide.

The OF 2200 is our most powerful router. It can easily plunge into 8/4 hard maple and make a 1/2" groove in a single pass. With 2200 watts of power, you might think you are working with a portable shaper. Designed for exceptional maneuverability, the OF 2200 incorporates many new ergonomic design features, making it easy to control, and a pleasure to use on the jobsite or in the shop.

Although large and powerful, the OF 2200 is silky smooth and easy to control. The OF 2200 is designed with two angled handles that are ergonomically correct for not just the hand, but also for the body. The angled handles are set to reduce fatigue and strain for maximum control. One handle is equipped with finger-tip controls for the lockable power switch. The other handle has a rotary locking knob which applies a lock to both columns for an extremely rigid and secure depth setting without deflection between the router motor and the base.

"It’s comfortable to use and has unstoppable power and tons of useful features. It also has the best plunging feel and the best plunge-depth locking knob which, like the trigger switch and dial, can be operated without a hand leaving either handle."

Tool Test: 3+ Horsepower Routers
Spring 2009
Tools of the Trade Magazine

An industry-first concept; the OF 2200 has a multiple base plate system that can be changed out without tools. This system expands the utility of the router allowing you to quickly switch between accessory application-specific plates.

A special, 4 position depth stop turret provides incremental steps to plow through the deepest routing tasks with a unique and lockable fourth step with a 2 mm offset for making a finish pass at full speed for incredibly smooth cuts. A micro-adjustable depth control features four thousands of an inch (1/10 mm) depth control with ball bearing detents for precise depth control.

The ratcheting spindle lock makes bit changes quick and easy. Simply select the lock or unlock position, place the wrench on the spindle and rotate. A full 360 degree dust shroud pops into place with a push of a button for maximum extraction efficiency. A single rotary knob lock system for attaching accessory guides is quick and secure.

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