Perfectly square cuts on Ipe using the Kapex

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | Reader Comments | How-To | Sliding Compound Miter Saws

The Kapex is equipped with MMC electronics and features variable speed.  Have you ever wondered why and when you might use that? 

Well, recently we had a customer who was cutting Ipe and was having difficulty achieving a square cut and asked for some assistance. Ipe being a rather dense material and not the easiest thing to machine in the world. It's also called Brazilian Walnut and is commonly used in decking and on boats.  It can also be used in exterior-use furniture.  It is an extremely durable wood that is difficult to machine, but provides a long, virtually maintenance-free life.  If you ever travel to Atlantic City, their entire boardwalk is made of Ipe.

To help the customer achieve his goal of perfectly square cuts in this very dense material, it was time to look at the problem from another perspective.  The most crucial element to solving this problem was at hand - speed control.  With the speed selector set to approximately 3-1/2 and a steady feed rate, we achieved a perfectly square cut. 

So, for cutting Ipe:

  1. Laminate saw blade # 495 386
  2. Reduced speed (3-1/2)
  3. Steady feed rate.  Let the machine do the work and don’t force the cut.

So next time you are faced with a challenge for machining material consider those things you can control. With the Kapex, you maximize your control over the factors important to excellent repeatable cutting results.

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