Repairing Damaged Cedar Siding Using the Festool TS 55

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | Reader Comments | How-To | Saws

Fast set-up and break-down of material cutting area. 

A contractor who uses Festool recently did some repair of cedar siding for a customer's 5,000 square foot vaction home in Southampton, NY.

Small, patchwork areas of damaged cedar siding needed to be replaced in numerous locations.  This was accomplished more quickly & accurately because they didn’t have to move a cumbersome table saw around the perimeter of the house. Instead, the Festool TS 55 was used to cut/install siding onsite in narrow spaces. New siding was easily measured, cut, and install in individual sections to line up precisely with the original (which is stained grey in the photo) cedar siding.

Thanks to the use of the Festool TS 55, it wasn’t necessary to replace all of the siding, only the spots that were damaged.  With the newly installed siding was stained to match, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish where the siding was replaced.

The contractor was able to realize additional cost savings by using the Festool system and provided the client with astonishing results. Festool's dust extractors made it unnecessary to pay expenses typically associated with removal and storage of the home's interior furnishings for their protection from construction dust and debris.

Happy clients, more profit. The power of the Festool system.

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