Repairing Stair Handrails with the Festool Domino

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | Reader Comments | How-To | Joiners | Sanders

Fox Carpentry of Bridgehampton, NY was recently involved in a remodeling job for one of its client. The task at hand was to repair heavily worn and damaged stairways. This historic home had seen many years of use and the stairways' handrails had seen a lot of wear. Originally assembled using mortise and dowel construction, the joints had weakened and compromised the intregity and safety of the handrail.

Wanting to salvage the home's original materials and architectural features, Fox was able to employ the Festool Domino to create new mortise and tenon joinery that resulted in a superior joint.This method was used to restore a total of six stairways in the home.

The Deltex 93 detail sander  and LS 130 contour sander were also used to remove aged paint from odd shapes and tight spaces, a task these sanders really excel at.

At the end of the project, using the Festool sanders and the Domino allowed Fox Carpentry to reduce both labor and replacement material costs.  More profit for the contractor in much less time and the homeowner saved money and was able to restore the structure’s original architectural features.

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