Teak Cabanas Made Using the Festool Domino

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Building cabanas from teak using the Festool Domino

Festool offers a solution for joinery that needs to withstand the test of time and of the elements. The Sipo Domino tenons are made from a species of mahagony that can be used in harsh environments or outdoors. Sipo is rot-resistant and was the perfect solution for Ken Tomita's cabana project featured below. Let's see what Ken had to say about the project...

I used the domino joiner to build the teak beams and columns for this project in downtown LA.  The beams/columns are 5.5" x 5.5".  I decided to build them up hollow because teak is so expensive and to save weight in shipping.  The hollow design allows for the parts to fit over galvanized steel brackets and bolt together for assembly.  I originally considered doing a locking miter joint but nixed that idea because my material wasn't wide enough.  I learned that Festool had recently released some Sipo Domino tenons for exterior use.  It was the perfect opportunity to try them!

I glued the beams up with Festool Sipo tenons every foot with clamps every 6 inches using gorilla glue to insure a tight glue joint.  Going with the domino/butt joint method saved me a lot of time and headache and material. A locking miter would have been a nightmare to glue up.  To the contrary, using the domino makes alignment in glue-ups a breeze on top of creating the additional strength.  The seams are virtually invisible and with time as the teak weathers they will become even less visible.

We did a dry run of the cabanas in the shop and I hung on one of the beams and did pull-ups and noticed no deflection.  These box beams are strong!

Submitted by Ken Tomita of Tomita Designs
Photos by Ryan Purkey



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