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FOG Product Reviews

One of the benefits to participating in the Festool Owners Group online forum is that we occasionally do contests for its members. The contests are designed to encourage members to share information, ideas, and advice with other members of the online community. Recently, we announced a contest for members to write or video product reviews. This is the second time we've done such a contest and the entries have provided a wealth of information. We have randomly selected two winners who each received their choice of a RO 90 DX sander or WCR 1000 Workcenter. The contest has produced 58 new written and video product reviews.

While all of the reviews were great, one forum member stood out from the crowd. His name is Paul-Marcel and he's a guy that enjoys woodworking just like many of you. You should check out Paul-Marcel's blog, Half Inch Shy, which has a lot of great information for all types of tools and techniques. Over the past several weeks, Paul-Marcel produced more than a dozen video reviews of what appears to be every Festool in his shop. If you're interested in any of these tools, you should definitely take the time to check out Paul-Marcel's very informative videos. Even if you're not interested in a tool, definitely check out Paul-Marcel's comical parody review of the limited edition Festool stein for a few laughs.

Watch Paul-Marcel's Video Product Reviews

C 12 Cordless Drill
Centrotec Chuck System & Accessories
Domino Joiner
DTS 400 Delta Finish Sander
LS 130 Linear Sander
MFK 700 Modular Trim Router
MFT/3 Multifunction Table
OF 1400 Router
PS 300 Barrel-Grip Jigsaw
Rotex RO 125 Sander
Rotex RO 125 & RO 150 Models
Rotex RO 150 Sander
RS 2 E Half-Sheet Finish Sander
TS 75 Plunge Saw

We want to extend a special thanks to Paul-Marcel for going "hog wild" with his video reviews. If you're interested in the dozens of other video and written product reviews, which cover nearly the entire Festool power tool line up, head over to the Festool Owners Group review section. While you're there, sign up for a free account, which only takes a few minutes, and join this remarkable online community of folks who love to talk about tools (not just Festool) and woodworking. We hope to see you there!

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