Self-cleaning filter bags for CT MINI/MIDI

Monday, July 11, 2011 | Reader Comments | Dust Extractors | Paint

Owners of CT MINI and MIDI Dust Extractors can now enjoy the benefits of self-cleaning filter bags, a new style of bag that was introduced with the new CT 26 and 36 models. Pricing of the new bags will remain the same as the previous traditional paper bags. See your preferred Festool dealer for availability.

If you've used other dust extractors, you may have experienced the issue of fine dust particles becoming caked to the inner lining of the vacuum bag. Festool has solved this problem by creating a filter bag from a fleece material that is designed to collapse and expand as the power is cycled on the dust extractor. This causes the dust cake to break up and disperse to the bottom of the bag.

The advantage is that there is no loss of suction as the bag fills up, which is the case with other manufacturer's models. Clogging of the filter bag can also create unnecessary strain on the motor and lead to premature failure, a costly repair or replacement.

498410 Self-Cleaning Filter Bags, CT MINI 5X
498411 Self-Cleaning Filter Bags, CT MIDI 5X


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