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We were recently contacted by Joshua Weir, proprietor of J. Weir Masterworks, about his discovery of Festool and how it makes his business, which specializes in the use of green, sustainable materials and methods more productive and profitable. To learn more about J. Weir Masterworks and to see more of their work, visit their Facebook fan page.

Here's what Joshua had to say about his switch to Festool power tools:

The world of fine craftsmanship is not immune to a greening economy. In fact I have more and more clients who are interested in green projects that utilize sustainable materials and processes, while producing the highest quality craftsmanship. Like all businesses I have to balance the client’s desires on a triple bottom line. How do my business operations affect people, planet and profit?

This push to sustainability has led me to work with exotic sustainably harvested hardwoods & materials, which conventional tools struggled working with. At the recommendation of a master craftsman, I purchased my first Festool, it was just a palm sander, the ETS 125 EQ Random Orbital Sander. Immediately the quality of work was increased by 20% as the Festool is simply a superior tool. This better tooling produced a better product and my employees work flow was greatly increased. The sandpaper lasts longer, works better and is easier to work with. The sander also has less vibration, so there’s less fatigue on the body.  The more we enjoy our tools the more we enjoy our work and the better the work is. The Festool System is making my business more profitable as their slogan goes: work faster, easier, smarter. To a business owner that means better efficiency and quality, which ends with more financial resources and a better value.

The Festool products work better with our sustainable materials and the virtually (99%) dust free environment created by the dust extraction system has allowed me to develop an entire marketing plan around this feature. Dust pollution is a major concern for clients, employees and it has a direct effect on the quality of work. Wood dust becomes a health problem when wood particles from processes such as sanding and cutting become airborne. Twenty-five states have OSHA-approved state plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. There’s also the nationwide EPA regulations regarding lead in paint, dust, and soil for renovation, repair and painting (RRP). The Kapex KS 120 EB Compound Sliding Miter Saw hooked up to the CT26 E HEPA Dust Extractor is a 95% dust free application. In the past I have had pounding sinus infections and itchy arms from working with Ipe. The HEPA filters utilized in the dust extraction system have helped me become a leader in green business.

I have a current project with an amazing client, and she deserves the best attention possible, in doing so Festool’s dust extraction system was the only answer to provide better quality in the work performed and health and safety for the project. I found myself trying to sweep up extremely fine Ipe wood dust out of her brand new landscaped and hardscaped courtyard at the end of every day.  This was very time consuming. There was nowhere else on the project to set up and we are a fully mobile firm without a shop. She has a daughter, dogs, a cat and herself, and then there’s me and my associates. We are all safer and the environment is now sustainable.  

Festool has allowed me to work faster, easier, smarter and greener, all of which produce a higher quality of work and make me more lucrative.


A special thanks to Joshua for sharing his experiences with Festool and his expertise in sustainable building methods and materials.

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