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Back in January, we selected professionals from hundreds of applicants to become test users for the Domino XL. They were supplied with a Domino XL and tenons in advance of the official launch so that we could learn more about how it fit into their shops and what advantages it offered.

The reactions from our focus group has been overwhelming positive and the advantages offered by the Domino XL over other types of joinery were apparent. Below we're including links to some of the blogs, forum posts, YouTube video and more that have been supplied by the group. If you're interested in the Domino XL, these links offer very good information from professionals who make their living with their tools, just like you.

In the spirit of full disclosure, our focus group was supplied with the products for testing purposes. At the end of the test period, they will be offered a discount to purchase the Domino XL if they choose to keep it. Some posts are from editors that were also provided with the tool for evaluation purposes.

My Three Sons, Luis Elizondo

Luis does a great job of comparing the Domino XL to all of the other forms of large scale joinery he's used in his shop including routing jigs, doweling machines, etc. He also demonstrates the Domino XL in action and shows several of the projects that he's used the Domino XL on.


Newton Fine Woodworking, Rob Bois - Domino XL Project Video

Rob has created a multi-part video showing the Domino XL being used in the construction of a table. His goal was to do the complete build in a single day. Head over to Rob's blog to read about the project and watch all of the videos from the project.



Joe Calhoon - Door and Window Construction

This is a great thread on the Festool Owners Group form by Joe Calhoon. Joe's company builds custom doors and windows and put the Domino XL up against his Hoffman Bore System doweling machine. The Domino XL was able to substantially reduce the time required for joinery operations. Read what Joe has to say and check out the photos of his projects.






Half Inch Shy - Video Review

Paul-Marcel St. Onge of the Half Inch Shy blog evaluates the Domino XL in this comprehensive video review. You can find a lot of great video reviews of Festool products on his blog, so be sure to visit it and check out all of the other great resources.


Keith Jones - Furniture Construction

Visit Keith's blog to see a couple of different tables that he's built using the Domino XL for all of the joinery.


Leonard Custom Works - Door and Window Construction

Matt Leonard has been using the Domino XL to construct custom doors and windows. Check out his commentary in the video below and a photo of some of his work.



Robby Myer - "Building doors the easy way"

Robby takes an in depth look a the Domino XL and Domino DF 500 in this great article over on Gary Katz's This Is Carpentry blog. Follow Robby as he builds a custom door using the Domino for joinery.


Ian Forsberg - Beam and Purlins

Ian has been using the Domino XL for a pretty impressive project. Unfortunately the project isn't complete yet so we can't see the finished product yet, but we'll be updating this post as soon as we get video of the finished project. Below, Ian talks about using the Domino XL on this project.


Brun Millworks - Architecture Elements

Tim Brun of Brun Millworks has been using the Domino XL to create large architecture elements for his clients. Here's a photo from one of his recent projects. The larger corbels are approximately six feet in length and all of the joinery was done with the Domino XL. Tim says that the Domino XL has saved him a lot of labor over other types of joinery, like shoulder joints, that he would traditionally use.


Victoria Wood Studio - Gate Construction

Victoria Wood Studio is located in Canada and they used the Domino XL and the original Domino DF 500 to construct this custom gate for a client. Dita of Victoria Wood Studio was pleased with the time savings and ease of construction using the Dominoes for the joinery on the project. Check out a photo gallery on their Facebook page for more documentation of this project. You can see the finished project installed for the client below.


Vitale Woodworking - Furniture Construction

Read a review of the Domino XL and see a table constructed with it on the Vitale Woodworking blog.



Peter Parfitt - Domino XL Video Review

Peter is a writer for various woodworking publications in the U.K. He created a three part video review of the Domino XL which includes an overview of all of the features as well as applications and video of the Domino XL in use. You can also read some of his commentary in a thread on the Festool Owners Group forum.






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